Travail basé sur la Worksheet : Jobs. Définition de chaque métier représenté et indication du lieu d’exercice de chaque métier.


1. A carpenter /a joiner works in a sawmill / in a joiner’s workshop / in buildings under construction.

They make, finish and repair wooden objects and structures


2. A pharmacist / a druggist works in a pharmacy / at the chemist’s.

They prepare, dispense or sell medicine / legal drugs.


3. A musician plays music in a studio / in a concert hall.

They play one or several instruments and give concerts either individually or in a band or in an orchestra.


4. A babysitter / a child-minder works at home or at the clients’ home.

They care for or watch over someone who needs attention or guidance.


5. A car mechanic works in a garage.

They repair and maintain cars.


6. An architect works in an office.

They design buildings and superintend their construction.


7. A builder works on construction sites.

They build, contract for and supervise the construction or repair of buildings.


8. A policeman or police officer works in police station or on the streets.

They are members of the police force: they maintain order and function to discourage crime. They investigate crimes too.


9. A cook works in a restaurant, in a school canteen, on a cruise ship, in a private home, etc.

They prepare food, meals for a more or less important number of persons.


10. A painter works in houses, in buildings.

They paint walls, ceilings, etc.


11. A singer sings and records songs in a studio or in a concert hall.


12. A nurse works in a hospital, in a school, in an old people’s home, etc.

They cure sick people, they make injections, etc.


13. A waiter /a waitress works in a bar, a restaurant.

They serve at table: they bring the customers the foods or drinks they have ordered.


14. A hairdresser works in a salon.

They cut, style, curl, colour and arrange people’s hair. They can massage the scalp too.


15. A secretary works in an office.

They type letters, keep files, take appointments, organize their boss’s timetable or schedule.


16. A bus driver works in the streets on the bus.

They drive a bus downtown.


17. A photographer takes photos and works in a shop or a photograph’s workshop.


18. A shop assistant works in a shop and serves, advises customers in a shop.


19. A fire fighter can stay in a fire station but mostly work outside.

They rescue people or animals; they put out fires; they also teach people first aid.


20.  A plumber works in houses, in buildings under construction to install or repair pipes and plumbing.


21. An electrician works in houses or buildings under construction or factories.

They install, maintain, repair and operate electric equipment and circuitry.


22. A welder works in a factory.

They join pieces of metal by welding them together.


23. A dentist works in a surgery and practices dentistry.

They care for problems with teeth: they fill or remove teeth.


24. A doctor works in a surgery.

They practice medicine: they give medical treatment to cure patients.


25. A woodcutter / a logger works in the forest.

They cut trees and chop wood.


26. A postman takes the mail from the post office and delivers or carries it where it needs to go.


27. A cashier works in a supermarket or in a store.

They sit at the till and handle cash transactions with customers: they make people pay for their shopping for example.

In a bank, the cashier is in charge of paying and receiving money.