Mets les verbes entre parenthèses à la forme affirmative du preterit ... mais attention aux verbes irréguliers !!!

by C. Chalmin

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My grandfather (to have*) a very exciting life. When he (to be*) young, he (to live) on a farm in the country. His parents (to raise) cattle, and he (to look) after the cows. When he (to be*) eighteen, he (to go*) to university, where he (to study) Philosophy. He (to play / also) the trumpet in a jazz band. When the war (to start), he (to try) to join the Air Force, but he (to end) up in the Navy. In the Atlantic, a German torpedo (to rip) a hole in the side of his ship, and the ship (to sink*). Only five men (to escape). They (to sail) in a lifeboat back to England. Then he (to meet*) my grandmother, and they (to marry) after only three weeks. He says now that he (to want) to marry her very quickly in case he (to die) in the war.

* tous les verbes suivis d'une astérisque sont irréguliers